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Some Cold Weather Tips for Dogs!

We all know that with extreme heat there is many precautions when it comes to your pets. As the weather cools down here are some things to consider;

"Despite the popular misconception, fur alone is not enough to protect dogs from the elements."

Know what your dog can and cannot handle when it comes to cold weather. Of course some breeds are able to handle harsher cold weather than others for example, St. Bernard and Huskies, while others are not so equipped for the chilly temperatures for example, Chihuahuas and Italian Greyhounds. Another thing to consider is the age of your pet. You may see your older dog with worsening symptoms of arthritis when the temperature drops. A great item to add to your winter list would be a dog sweater/ coat!

When walking your dog in the winter weather make sure to take shorter, more frequent walks. If you are not so fond of the cold weather another great idea would be to enroll your pup into a doggy day care/ camp. Not only will it keep them exercised but maybe they will make a couple friends.

Keep in mind that your dog will most likely not get the exercise he is used to and over feeding may occur! 



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